Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008 - More eggs!

This morning I checked the nests and Big Mama was pretty much status quo. Sitting on her eggs, rotating every hour or so, counterclockwise. When I went out to pick up Jonnie from school there was a male robin in the tree in front of me. He started giving out a warning chirp which I thought was strange. I walked to the car and noticed that the little Robin was in her nest. She wasn't building or rearranging the grasses, she was just sitting there. It looked to me that she was laying an egg. When I came back, she wasn't in her nest and I found this:

I read that Robin's usually lay 3-4 eggs in a clutch. I wonder how many she will have?!

This is her looking much more plump than the first time I ever saw her. This is yesterday, the day before she laid her first egg:

Here is Big Mama caring for her eggs: She knows I am there looking at her and she is definitely keeping an eye on me but she doesn't seem too afraid of me now. Her eggs should be hatching in a week and a half or so, can't wait!!

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