Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 - Lucy's a Mom!!!!

TWO babies were born this morning. Again, I missed the hatching which is a bummer, I hope to catch at least one being born. Lucy is much less wary of me so she fed her babies while I was watching! Didn't get a clear picture of it but it was cool to see. These two are really cute! They are constantly moving around and lifting their mouths up for food. They both seem about the same size but one is much stronger than the other. Many times the stronger bird will sit on the other ones head! The poor thing struggles to get out for what seems like forever. Eventually, he/she finds it's way up to get some air!

Happy Birthday!!

Lucy feeding her new babies.

The closest thing I may get to see in the hatching process is this hole in one of the eggs. It looks like that baby is trying to stick her wing in the egg!


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