Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 2, 2008 - More eggs, more fights.

Lucy laid another egg today:

She also had to defend her eggs pretty aggressively today. Lucy and Ricky were out foraging for worms when a Starling came into their territory. Lucy was on the lawn and Ricky was watching her from a tree branch. This Starling was looking for food VERY close to the holly tree. Starlings are very aggressive birds and will even kick a bird out of their own nests and take over. They are such menaces that they are listed on the USDA list of Invasive Species.

Lucy went right after the Starling. Ricky jumped down from the tree to be by her side but did not participate in the fight. The Starling charged Lucy but she fought back. They were fighting in the air with their feet. It was pretty exciting to watch!! It all happened very fast and I wasn't able to get a good picture of it. Luckily, Lucy won and the Starling left, no thanks to Ricky! At one point he turned his back on the fight. I guess he wanted to make sure no other predators were around.

Going after the Starling

It's on now!

After the fight a Mourning Dove came into the territory. Mourning Doves are pretty docile and Lucy didn't seem all that threatened but thought it best to go back to her nest, just in case. Before she jumped in the nest she looked right up at me through the window. I don't think she was posing for the camera but the picture sure did come out great!

Here she is turning her eggs before sitting on them.

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